S.W.A.T Mosquito Unit is dedicated exclusively to controlling mosquitoes and has been established specifically to help keep your backyard & public open spaces more comfortable whilst reducing the dangers associated with mosquito born disease.


“We love Aussie kids, we love Aussie pets, we love Aussies, BUT NOT...... the Aussie Mozzie”


Led by former Queensland Health Vector Control Officer Cole Smith, an

  • environmental professional of nearly 30 years

  • a certified safety advisor

  • licensed Pest Management Technician, and

  • certified by the Mosquito Control Association of Australia Inc.

S.W.A.T Mosquito Unit offer a uniquely well balanced service when it comes to effectiveness, efficiency, environmental protection, and public health.


A leading dedicated mosquito control company, S.W.A.T Mosquito Unit is a member of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia Inc. All specialists are licensed Pest Management Technicians and all practices comply with the current Queensland Mosquito Management Code of Practice.

Perimeter Applications for:

· Your home

· Special events

· Schools

· Resorts

· Golf courses

· Theme parks

· Camp grounds

· Regional Councils

· Commercial property

· Industrial camp accommodation